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SA Learners Are Warned Not To Buy These Sweets Cause They Are Allegedly Drugs

Education is an important part of an individual's life. From a young age, a person is taken to school so that they can gain knowledge and also broaden their minds so that when they become adults they are able to have an idea of how the world functions and also become adults who achieve their dream careers.

That is why taking a child to school is important, and once they become learners at school, they also represent the future leaders of a country. But there are certain factors that hinder learners' progress as they go higher and higher when it comes to their level of education. Some learners are pressured by their peers to do the wrong things. Some find themselves in bad company. But there are also outside factors that can destroy learners, like if they consume drugs without their knowledge.

Drugs are a major problem that society deals with and have destroyed many wonderful souls. Many people's lives have ended because of it, and their futures have come to a standstill. And even though drugs are bad for society, the people who make them and source them out make a lot of money off of addicts who are forced to purchase drugs because of their cravings.

A video trended on social media showing school learners who were very high because of the sweets they consumed, thinking that they were drugs. A warning was sent out to school learners not to buy certain sweets because they are not sweets. The learners who took these sweets are seen inside a taxi laying down, and some are not moving at all. Parents, watch out for what your children buy from tuckshops and what they eat.

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