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14-year-old pupil puts teacher in hot water after recording him asking for this?


Two days after a 14-year-old mother gave her a cell phone to gather evidence against a Free State teacher, she recorded it suggesting sex. The 

Welkom Preparatory School teacher was fired Wednesday after the Education and Industrial Relations Council (ELRC) found him guilty of sexual assault on a student. 

ELRC panelist Shiraz Osman, who listened to the recording, said the mother's decision to give her son a cell phone was "a great thought." 

The student, whom she refers to as "Mrs. X" in the report, testified that she felt uncomfortable when the teacher whispered in her ear that she "would not penetrate too much". 

The boy told the board that Teacher would drive them home in his car on a rainy day. She sat in the passenger seat while two other children sat in the back. 

“Ms. X said that she passed the incident on to her mother, who gave her a cell phone to record with the teacher. A great thought. I have to admit it, ”Osman said. 

Two days later, the girl picked up the teacher, who told her that they drove, drank alcohol, and kissed. 

“The educator continued telling the student that he wanted his lips because they resembled his vagina. He asked the student for his cell phone number and that the other students shouldn't know about the discussion, ”Osman said. 

“He gave Ms. X her cell phone number and asked her not to repeat what was discussed. When the student asked the educator to clarify what to “give”, the educator said that she would give him her vagina ”. 

Osman accepted the girl's statement. “She seemed like an honest and bright young woman. I'm not convinced such a story was made up. In any case, she had the conversation recorded, ”she said. 

The teacher did not attend the hearing, but she stated in a written statement that she the girl had asked for alcohol. 

she “she said the student asked her if she would expect a sexual 'payment'. Apparently the educator has a made up version, "said Osman 

"It is evident that the educator sexually assaulted the educator. The course of events was confirmed by all the witnesses. There is nothing to suggest that any of these witnesses actually fabricated any of their testimonies. " Osman ordered Teacher's immediate dismissal.

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