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What can you do beside what you have learned at educational institutions?

You are a strong person and that is why you are faced with such challenges. If you have survived 30 years or you are at a different age, you will still continue winning for the next coming 30 years provided you don't repeat your mistakes. Everyday is a new day and you are a new person with more experience. You have experienced what didn't work yesterday, there is no need for repeats. As long as it has failed the previous day it will continue been like that. But in this case you must be really sure of your efforts, judgements and inputs.

Let's look around with good intentions. On my side I see great opportunities and developments. The only thing that we all lack is the selling skills. (Gone are the days of Curriculum Vitae - cv for employment). We have just approved the fact that we can do better than the way things are going. The most important part is that we are advancing in technology more than the recorded societies depending on how you look at it.

News just in:

The tractor on the picture need no human opartion. it is operated from smartphone app. Picture downloaded from

With that in mind and the lessons we have and still learning from covid-19 "what can you do...?"Look at it in both side. You are the seller and the buyer. You are the service provider and the end user. In both cases profit has to be made and satisfaction has to be reached. I understand correctly when it is said, "don't create more wealth on earth since you won't live forever" Those who will inherit your wealth will never hand them down forever even if the custodian can be the state(government).

For an example: The great Pyramids of Egypt. The current nation don't know when they were build, let alone the riches and wealth that was saved in there...? By looking at all nations and their wealth, you will be surprised as to how they were acquired. The minerals, raw materials and all the natural resources are at stake because we fight to clinch some pieces or to have them all. Some countries will tell you that you can't mine, you can't do that with that. Arms are been developed and lifted against each other, whether in business ideas or real weapons.

Be at peace, all is well.

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