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A student left people in Limpopo discombobulated after she was found inside Taxi. (Fiction)

Generation after generation, people are told to stay out of other people's business; and focus on whatever they do. However, someone just decided to ignore those prophetic words, and as a result, he caused a lot of commotion next to one of the most well known University in Limpopo. And people were greatly disappointed after finding out what was happening inside a taxi. For a moment, people thought that they will make use of their smart phones and record what they thought will be the hot topic of the day.

And here is what happened: a young man who seemed to be a student at the said University, saw a taxi quantum parking outside the University, and he thought maybe the taxi is somewhat lost, because the taxi stood there for a long time without moving; and it is unusual for a taxi to park outside the varsity, for that long.

As he approached the taxi, the student said that he heard people talking and without checking who was inside the taxi, the student shouted loudly and called for help: and as expected, people moved swiftly to see what scared the said student.

And people were seen running like they're being chased by something very dangerous. When they arrived they opened the taxi without being hesitant. And they found a student with taxi driver helping each to count money. According to the student, the driver is her uncle and she is studying account at the University, so her uncle usually comes to her before he can deposit his money into a bank.

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