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Skeem Saam| The Grade 8s Will Be Left Under Hot Water After Doing This

The Grade 8s Will be left under hot water after doing this

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Tonight on Skeem Saam, as Paxton kgomo continues with his evil pranks on the teachers of turf high,little does he know that it will bring more trouble for him and other leaners.

As the principal starts to receive calls from people that she is selling her house, she now wonders why her house is being published on the internet for 62000.

Teachers bags are also being tied up to the chairs and now meneer manaka gets poured over with a bucket of water.

These Grade 8 learners are just being too much and they will regret every single thing they have done.

On other storylines,Kgosi is determined to take everything away from Eunice since he stole her money,and now has sold all her furniture away and is busy trying to threaten koloi to.

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