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Watch SHS Students Getting Caught Doing This On The Pool

SHS decided to let their students have fun by letting them go out and have some fresh air. So they took them to an unknown place as it hasn't been said which one is it. So they all went to a pool and decided to go for a swim as it was a sunny day.

So as others were busy having fun on the pool and cheering making noise which shows that they are happy and enjoying, these two on the other side are too close to each other. Some shift their attention to them as this one recorded them. And they are not aware that they are recorded they are just playing just like other students.

As you can see they are two close and you could say there's something they are doing but let's not assume because maybe they were just dancing closely to each other.

Tell me what you think they are doing after watching the video. Watch video by clicking on this following link :

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