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A Video Of A Student Dancing In A Classroom Got People Talking

Educators are regarded as parents because they are with children half a day 5 times a week, and during those hours not only academics take place but respect and interacting with other kids as well is being taught. They go through alot, they get dragged for no reason, get called names by rude and naughty children who get mean when it suits them. Their working environment changes everyday according to the mood of the school pupils. They are sometimes attacked by learners and constantly have to deal with bullying cases.

Alot of emotional support goes into play when you are an educator as some cases dealt with are sensitive. As terrifying as it seems there's alot of good that comes with being an educator and one of them being there for the kids as they go through many changes in life growing up. You get to witness them go through the many stages and happen to be the one guiding them through. Most grade 7 and 12 educators usually get very emotional on farewells and matric dances as they get to say goodbye to their students.

A video of a teacher and his students in class is trending. A female student is seen dancing what seem to be a strip dancing for the male educators and other students are cheerful. From the set up visible on the video, the student was performing for marks. Although tweeps could not stop laughing, some felt what the student was doing or the kind of dance she was conducting was inappropriate.

Some believed it is moments like these that define true characters of an educator. As an educator nomatter how a student looks you are supposed to be professional and know the boundaries. There's no harm in having a little fun with your student in the processor learning to inhance interest in learning. What's your comment about this?

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