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Nelson Chamisa| We must return Zimbabwe to its educational glory

How can we open bars and taverns then close schools if we are not careful we will have a decade of illiterate children worse if they are hooked on to drugs, eems as though we are enjoying these covid restriction extensions. Time lost in the education curriculum will be hard to recover we are creating a crisis which will have long term effects. How come they talk of billions generated in the mining sector with nothing to show for it, previosly we used to get free exercise books at school but all that varnished. All we see is riot police popping up everywhere disturbing peaceful citizens gatherings this should change, prioritize our education, teachers and the required materials

But I think you are telling the wrong people, these are true serious matters that need urgent attention confront them, address them let them see the picture, even if they arrest you for telling them the truth people will stand with you, because as I see at the moment you are the people's choice. Posting on social media will never help lastly try to work with this guy called Sir Hopewell he has got a vision for Zimbabwe

The citizens of Zimbabwe are prepared to boot out the oppressive regime through the ballot. We are ready to end bad governance, corruption, unemployment, human rights violations through ballot. Our question now is how ready is the entire leadership towards defending our vote, some of us are also prepared to defend our votes but we need the direction and the means of doing it from the leadership. Obviously they have failed the message must be "I will pay teachers USD 540 on my first day in office" or something like that because you know very well they do not want to pay a living wage to the teachers

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Nelson Chamisa| Zimbabwe


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