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After Seeing His Question Paper He Took A Dustbin And Threw It In His Teachers Face, And Left

What Will Panyaza Say About This One?

The teachers are going through the most, they are usually considered as people who are working nice and have everything under control, but the truth is that they don't.

This came after a video of a teacher had gone viral, in the video the teacher was combing the pupils hair. There are children who always go to school without combing their hair and the teacher made it her project to stand in the gate and comb their hair.

Today we saw a video of a student who didn't study enough for his exam. While others were sitting down reading and writing he stood up as if he was done, he picked his bag and his papers and went straight to the door.

When he was about to leave he took a dustbin full of papers and he threw it in his teachers face. Just imagine the humiliation and disappointment on the teacher. This was done in front of other learners, how do they respect the teacher after this incident?.

This leaner decided to leave after throwing the papers on his teachers face. As he was leaving he was a fire extinguisher behind the door. He kicked it and it fell down, he the opened the door and left. He left that door wide open while it was closed as the students are writing their exams.


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