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Yena Aya Kwini Julies received his first ever honorary degree

Tsonga Nation joins Majulie to celebrate his doctorate, thus far we can confirm that Majulie, born Hlupheka July Mabunda age 64 well know Tsonga comedian who came up with Yena Aya kwini phrase.

It is understood that Boti Majulie recently signed a new offer with the Nkuna funeral parlour as the face or ambassador of the Nkunas funeral services.

Majulie says it is a such a blessing that there are still people who are good hearted and saw him as a person who can add value and be useful to their company.

However Majulie refused to reveal all the information that goes with the offer by saying (aswilavi Nwina) meaning it's not open for the public.

Majulie says he's very thankful to the Nkunas funeral services and Kwangulatilo Group of Education for seeing a need to shower him with Doctorate.

While he was joking around as usual, he can be heard in some of the clips saying ni Dokodela from now on, don't call me July "just say Doctor Julies"

Majulie says while people were busy laughing at his clips and videos he was busy studying, and he's urging youth to study because there's nothing hindering them from achieving in life

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