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Breaking News | Matric results must be published

The Pretoria High Court has just ruled that matric results must be published on all media/public platforms, the court ruled that it is in the public interest that the matric results be published, the Department of Basic Education says it will abide by the court's decision. They were trying to hide failure for transparencies they really have to publish on all public platforms, because we risk having them lie to the nation about the actual pass or fail statistics

Afri win all their cases without effort, worse of all this is long overdue not to publish our personal one year results to the public after not caring abt the 11yrs prior. Congratulations to the Afriforum you did a right thing we are here to fight the corruption, they wanted to give their spoiled children of the so called Izikhothane group, the pass because when the others learn they were busy burning money which their parents stole from the public funds, well done you did a great job their tribalism never works any more

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