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Primary Education


Not long ago, the Minister of Basic Education spoke about classrooms returning to the normal level.

The Economic Freedom Fighters' (EFF) leader Julius Malema gave the Department of Fundamental Education seven days to close all schools or risk a shutdown. 

Not long ago, the Minister of Basic Education talked about classrooms returning to normal... and now the results are leading to yet another catastrophic disaster for which no one will take responsibility except for doubling up on masks and poor vaccine distribution. 

Last year, schools were closed, and the covid was not strong enough to overcome the immune system of the youth, but the present covid does not discriminate based on age. Schools shuttered because this monster was not strong enough, but now that it is, schools are reopening.

In Krugersdorp, look at the primary school. I'm not a fan of eff, but kids have a point as they become increasingly covid. I've already lost three family members, and I don't want to lose another child. As we know it even the pupils are now aware of the situation whereas the man leadership simply ignore it of plays monopoly on its power people

He mentioned something to you when you heard him "Private schools were the first to be misted. When the government pays attention to them and private schools have virtual learning technologies, examples are offered."

My children are no longer sent back to school since Covid-19 has killed instructors, directors, and even one member of the staff. You sit and wait for the findings. You have to be patient. When it comes to masks, though, many people are careless. This was another family complain about the irregularity of the minister regarding the full-time attendance of children.

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