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Zimbabwean Woman Paid R16,000 To Buy A Classroom To Live In

This is a situation where a Soshanguve Central High School is allegedly hijacked by individuals, it used to be a state-of-the-art prestigious boarding school but now it is used as a hostel. This is obviously something that they were not prepared to see, the community members seem to have accepted whatever is going on or a something that is okay but it is clear that we are not dealing with a situation that is okay at all.

This woman from Zimbabwe says she owns classroom which she bought for R16 000, this is definitely something that is questionable because we cannot be in a situation. Where the members of the public have to be suffering through they consequences of these individuals, this is something that leads to a very complicated situation.

First it is also the fault of those people who found themselves purchasing those houses for such exorbitant amounts of money without first checking if really the property owner was who he said he was, this would have been able to solve a lot of questions from those people.

However many times than not a lot of people don’t want to check because they’ll be happy just to get a place, and then they settle in that place while not knowing that the court will later attach the property and have it demolished.

However in this case the people from that area are complaining that they’ve only come across a bad situation, and that is not really something that they were looking forward to.

Also that they're looking for some kind of assistance to get their monies back, because they can see that what they have invested in is something that is complicated and to make what matters worse.

This is not a residential property but a boarding school, so who in their right minds would buy a school unit and says that it is their house? this is definitely a serious problem that is being experienced in the area.

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