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Teacher Instructed The Whole Class To Beat Up A Learner After Disrespecting Her

A teacher is suspected for the brutal beating of Vumokuhle Primary school learner in Umlazi, who was hit by other learners who were instructed by this teacher.

Mother of a 12 year old girl (name unrevealed for safety purposes) said the learner doesn't want to return back to school plus she had written a suicide note which she caught, she mentioned that she don't know how the girl was planning to kill herself.

The parent says she received a whatsapp message telling her that her daughter had been rude to her, she mentioned that she wanted to hit her but then she didn't because she was saving her job.

'This teacher says one of the learners told her that No....(mentioning the victim by name) said she is annoying and that it would have been better if she had met a car accident so that she wouldn't be able to come to school. I responded by giving her the right to hit her because i know children can get out of hand sometimes. I though she was going to punish her as an adult but she decided to let other learners beat her up, which is not what we agreed on. The child told me she was hit by the whole class when she came back home injured, she revealed that the teacher is the one who instructed learners to punish her. I went straight to school and spoke to the principal about this matter.' Explained the parent.

She stated that she has not being able to meet up with the teacher as she has taken a sick leave, but the child has been getting counseling services through the help of the department of education.

'The child is getting better now and she has returned back to school. She came home crying saying she was hit by another learner. This learner hit her after their teacher spoke to them via a cellphone. Though the teacher was not present at school but she had contacted another teacher and asked her to put her on speaker so that she could speak to the learners. She told the learners that she is in hospital all because of my daughter, this made learners want to hit her again. My child is not safe at this school.' Concluded the worried parent.

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