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Duties of educator assistants. Pay special attention to number 5

The department of education is the process of hiring educator assistants and general workers public schools. This are young people whose duties will involve helping educators execute their during the pandemic.

Educator assistants are not educators and are also not qualified to teach learners as per the educators and SACE Acts. They are not required to apply for a SACE certificate in order to be hired. But the police clearance is a requirement this days for anyone who works with children.

Here are the duties that the educator assistant will be responsible for.

1. Making sure the classroom is ready for teaching and learning

2. Assisting those learners who have learning difficulties

3. Helping the educator with administrative duties

4. Supervising group activities

5. Assisting the educator control classroom behaviour

6. Any duties that are permissible by Basic Conditions of employment Act. Source:

Some of the other duties might involve running errands, but they should be related to education not personal for the educators.

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