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IN Stitches: This Guy Was Scared Of Being Bewitched For Graduating So He Wore This On Graduation Day


As black people, we have this belief that you should never show off your success because it will bewitch you. This is because we believe that most people around us do not really wish us well; they just pretend. Hence, because of that mentality, you will find people hiding their success and achievements. This is the reason why it is very rare to find an African child posting their achievements on social media. The fear of being bewitched has taken over.



There are so many people who have been bewitched after posting their achievements on social media. A few weeks ago, there was a trending story of a young man who was killed by lightning and his family members believed that there was someone who bewitched him after he posted that he had got a contract with Mamelodi Sundowns soccer team.

Recently, graduations are underway in many universities. All over social media, people are posting their graduation pictures, celebrating and getting congratulations messages from family and friends. In the midst of it all, there are trending photos of a boy who went to his graduation ceremony wearing a balaclava. When he was asked why he’s wearing it, he said that he’s scared that people from his hood will bewitch him if they see that he graduated. His photos have been trending all over social media, leaving people in stitches. See the photos below:




This young man left everyone in stitches. People are making jokes with his photos. Some even went on to say he must be from Limpopo because that’s where witchcraft dominates. Although many people are laughing and making jokes about this incident, there are some people who supported him and said they’d do the same if they got a chance to graduate. See some comments below.



Jealousy is real. There are people who don’t want to see others doing well, and they’d do anything to ensure that you are always below their standards. I under this young man, am quite sure that he has experienced something about witchcraft. That is why he doesn’t want to associate it with his degree. What’s your take on this? Would you do the same?


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