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Primary Education


R.I.P| Primary School Teacher Has Been Gunned Down By A Grade-6 Leaner At School

Schools And Many More Places Are Not Safe Anymore, Nowadays Kids Carry Weapons To School With Uncertain Reasons.

Saddening News Have Spread Throughout The Social Media Platforms More Especially on Tick Tock, Following The Tragic News Of A Grade 6 Learner Who Gunned Down And Killed their Teacher Inside The School Premises.

Reporters Said That, The School Security Gurd Who Was Patrolling Around Saw The Teacher Lying Down Unconscious And Apparently Passed Away.

This Scene Left Everyone One Shocked And Asking Themselves, How Could Ab12 Year Old Kid Take And Carry A Gun To School And Easily Kill Their Teacher.

Since The Investigation About The Cause Of The Matter Is Still Taking Place, Parents and Gurdians From Every Household Are Advice not To Keep Their Weapon Neglected Because If So This Tragedy Of Learners Killing Their Teachers Will Never End.

LET Keep our Teachers Safe From Every Environment We Meet On.


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