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TUT Qualifications Under Fire After Student's Marks Were Spotted


The video footage shows an incident where learners at TUT are receiving that exam Marks and what they are receiving is not what they expected, most of the learners didn’t do very well.

Most of the learners obtained a mark less than 50% of the overall mark which means that they failed the exam and now they’re wondering how they managed to fail, in fact they’re surprised that the marks came out the way that they did they were expecting to see some pass marks.

This surprise is also shared among members of the public because we thought that the university students were doing very well, but it seems like things are very much different to that and it is not as we thought things were, and they’re not doing very well so this is something.

Which is a concern to members of the public because the learners are supposed to be the leaders of the future, the people who are going to be responsible for developing the country so with such marks it really doesn’t inspire confidence that the future of this country will be at the hands of such individuals.

TUT is supposed to be one of those further education institutions, which are relatively easier than some of the top institutions like the university of the Witwatersrand or the University of Cape town.

So it really boggles minds that the learners are not doing very well and at the moment it is unclear why the learners are doing so horribly wrong, when they could be doing very well it doesn't make sense.

Well you can drop your comment about what you think about the marks of the TUT students some of the results of the institutions around the country are questionable, with some people doubting their legitimacy of he qualifications because the learners that come from them are sometimes unemployed.

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