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Inspiration - School teacher defies odds by opening a bakery when people are busy complaining

Who says school teachers can not thrive as business people? 

A former school teacher has redefined entrepreneurship after she built a new for herself in the business world. 

Phumla Goje has defied odds by opening a creche as well as a bakery. 

The 52-year-old former teacher has over the years become a beacon of hope for her community.

Caring for children and the elderly is what prompted her to start her own daycare centre and old age home.

Goje in 2002 opened Dibashe Daycare Centre, which caters for children aged one to seven. She has more than 150 in her care.

“This is something that I love. The demand for schooling is overwhelming and I like to have my school at a certain standard.

“I am very happy that early childhood development will soon be going to the education department."

Goje also runs the Phumalani Ekhaya Old Age Home, which caters for 30 elderly people.

Goje runs a bakery which she got through the assistance of Clover Mama Afrika.

The bakery is fully equipped and also financially supplements with the running of the daycare.

“The bakery is run by the youth of NU10 and it is my way of creating employment in my area, and also mentoring the youth."


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Dibashe Daycare Centre Goje Phumalani Ekhaya Old Age Phumla Goje


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