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Joke: An answer by a grade 6 student on which body part increases 10 times its size when stimulated

Mrs Parks , who is a sixth grade Science teacher asked her class a question which left the learners dumbstruck. She asked them to tell her which body part increased ten times its size when it got stimulated. The class did not respond as it felt ashamed.

There only stood up Mary , who told the teacher that she did not have the right to ask them such a question. Young Mary went on and warned her teacher.She said that she would report the teacher to her parents, and the matter would be taken to the Principal who would then fire Mrs Parks.

Mrs Parks was not moved by the threat that had been issued by young Mary. Instead , she ignored Mary and asked the question yet again to the learners. The little Mary was shocked at the teacher's response and she highlighted that the teacher was going to get into trouble.

When it seemed as if nobody would give the answer , Billy stood up in a shy manner to give the answer.Billy said that the body part whose size would increase 10 times when stimulated was the pupil of an eye.

The teacher was impressed with the answer before turning to young Mary .She told Mary that she had a dirty mind and that she had not done her homework.

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