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Check out what this Unisa Student is doing before writing an examination, pictures amazed.


Examination is the act or process of examining the state of being examined.It is also an exercise designed to examine progress or test qualification or knowledge.Its a formal interrogation.

Examination can be very stressful especially when your not given scope on what to tackle for the upcoming assessment.One would just read the whole book with no clue of whether what they are reading is relevant or what.No matter how prepared you think you are it can sometimes gives you the anxiety.One would just have to write what they understand trust and hope for the best results.

Unisa student posted pictures of study material with a bowl of burning incest and asking for guidance and breaththrough for the upcoming examination. Later on posted the other picture with the same study material now with a bottle of Savannah.

Do you believe In the burning of incest to ask for guidance during exam, which exam was the hardest for you and what advice can you give learners and students regarding proper preparation for exams? Kindly share your experiences with us by commenting, like this article and share with other readers.


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