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How is One Expected to Raise a Child With Their Hands Tied by a Chain Called Children's Rights ?


Black children are killing and bullying each other at their schools at an alarming rate nowadays. Black children are beating up and killing their teachers at their schools. Why is it ONLY Black children that are visited by these evil deeds, one may ask!

Black people have dropped the ball under illusion of democracy. We have taken away the responsibility of nurturing our children by parents and teachers through legislation. We have effectively criminalized discipline and values based upbringing of children the best way we have ever known. It is my considered view that "excessive" discipline could have been managed without enacting a lawChildren in general are not bad, but they are able to see the weakest link in the disciplinary chain, and they will exploit it. Today parents fear to discipline their children because it may be a criminal offense. And yet, the very people who tied their hands, are asking them to intervene whenever there is a crisis. What do we expect the parents to really do? 

Quite frankly, most of the misbehaving by our children in the black communities is directly linked to the development of this constitutional democracy. The unintended consequence of this democratic dispensation is the lawlessness we experience on a daily basis. We are taught to persuade a murderer not to kill anymore. The punishment for this heinous crimes is the employment of professional help, as if the perpetrator has some mental illness. Perpetrators understand the consequences of their crimes and they have made peace with that! They understand that the punishment is very much tolerable and they are able a willing to absorb it. The element of fear to commit a crime is all but gone!

Our democratic disciplinary experts always remind us that "it takes a village to raise a child". Do they really understand what this means? It means the uncle next door has the responsibility to discipline a child from the neighborhood without seeking permission to do so. It is this practice that built our communities. Every parent was a father of mother of any child in the community. Those values are now substituted for something we don't know, nor understandInterestingly, our experts in "democratic discipline", the Black middle class lawmakers, don't experience the mayhem the poor Black parents and teachers alike have to face on a daily basis. Equally, most teachers have outsourced the responsibility of disciplining and teaching of their children to private educational institutions, which are White in the main. 

To solve the problems of ill discipline in our schools and communities, those laws that criminalize discipline, have to be repealed. Without that, we will have to live in circumstances of hopelessness and helplessness. We will be building a society of the rich, disciplined and the poor ill disciplined and lawless divided society. This only serves to divide society along class lines. 

One wonders is our leaders understand the notion of prevention being better than a cure. If I was a lawmaker, I would resource and utilize the services the SAPS and the Human Rights Commission as part of our teaching system instead of criminalizing discipline. If that was done, we would probably be in a much better situation today! 

How is one expected to raise a child with their hands tied behind their back by a chain called children's rights this and that? All our officials do is react and tell us of how shocked they are about these things. My question is what's their plan to prevent these murders from happening?

I do a lot of corporal punishment in my house and it works wonders for me. My mother did it in her house and it produced the person I am today. Near our house in the village, there was a small place where the village boys would gather, and play dices and often smoke. My mother never wanted to see us there, whenever she saw us there, she would beat us, as it were! We stopped going there and focused on our books and household chores. Today, when I look back at those years, I can't stop thanking my mother for her strict manner in which she raised us up. When I look at the folks that frequented that, they have not made the progress we have made. So, for this, I support a call for a corporal punishment

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