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Sh0cking? Ashesi University allows students to write exams with no invigilators or supervisors

Ashesi University has opted to depart from the traditional practice of requiring students to write examinations under rigorous invigilation and monitoring in order to eliminate the possibility of cheating.

Students at Ashesi University are permitted to write examinations without the presence of invigilators or supervisors.

As reported, the prominent school put its 2023 cohort through an orientation where they learned about taking examinations in the absence of cameras, supervisors, or invigilators (as required by law).

The liberal system is referred to as the Ashesi Honour Code, which students sign as an assurance that they would behave themselves in a responsible and honest way, even when they are not being observed by authorities.

According to reports, students are free to debate and vote on whether or not they wish to sign the Ashesi Honour Code, or whether or not they intend to follow the norm of being invigilated, overseen, and watched by cameras.

According to reports, the Ashesi Honor Code has been a tradition since the founding of the award-winning institution more than 100 years ago.

When taking exams, students promise not to cheat or to tolerate those who do so throughout the course of the examination.

In addition to the educational skills they learn, the Honour Code is intended to instill in pupils the attitude of doing the right thing and developing into responsible men and women once they graduate from high school.


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