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Students from NUST left dazzled over this attack

The NUST students are reported to have been left dazzled over the attack by malware over the system a few days back. It is reported that the malware led to the removal of important information from the student portal. Information such as payment history, the information on deregistered students, and the results are reported to have got deleted in the process. It is alleged that the problem has not yet been fixed. Everything is reported to have temporarily returned to a manual method which may be straining and time-consuming. It is concerning that that the development will be an inconvenience to some of the students who must be going on attachment as the results were reportedly deleted as of a result of the malware. It will be hard for the third-year students to get those attachment opportunities from companies as they are not able to prove that they are students from the institution. The students who are still dazzled by the unfortunate incident are reported to be hoping that they get the payment history back as well as their results back when the problem is rectified.

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