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Recap for 2021 Scandals

2020 was the hardest year for most of us as we were still shocked about how Covid-19 pandemic ruined our lives , and also to learn regulations for Covid-19 .Some of us we lost our family and friends due to this Covid-19.

But as we go through the year we made peace with Covid-19 as we all know how dangerous it is , we've been educated about it and we live with it.I don't know if am the only person who enjoy how funny South Africa it is because at the beginning of this year we have an interesting story about a girl who was going through houses most of people they used to say is a ghost, and on February we had terrible issue about Jacob Zuma how Minister exposed him he even mentioned that they should break down his houses since he doesn't want to pay for the money he stole.

On March we had a juicy story about the prison warder who fails in love with inmate in prison , the lady she falls in love with the inmate she even falls pregnant , it took lot of attention to us ad we never thought a prison warder can ended up being in relationship with inmate so what stood up for me was the reason why they no-longer calls prison jail they renamed it Correctional Service is because inmates now feel comfortable in prison that's the reason they ended up falling in love in prison, which is a good things because Nelson Mandela used said" You can't rectify mistake with making the same mistake "

On April we had this kind of an amazing opportunity for South African to buy a small car , I remember people used to make joke about it for me personally I used to loved it I even when overboard about it , I checked the availability of the car and the consequences of the car , because for me what comes on my mind was it saves Petrol and low maintenance costs , but apparently I only saw one person in Gauteng driving it so I just thought as much as most people they are not buying it that means there is something wrong about it cos honestly who doesn't want a car with an affordable price because the car was R5000 and R150 installment per month . Check the car below

On May we had Spider-Man who was trending , video of spider man dancing to amapiano at what appears to be a function has gone viral . In one video a person dressed in the superhero costume can been seen dancing to MFR souls hits song "amanikiniki" .Spidery entertained many people dancing different songs like "Murahu by Makhazi" and dancing moves like gwaragwara and vosho moves . Check Spider-Man moves below

What takes attention of South Africa in June was the mother who gave birth 10 children , we all know the latest trending news about a lady who gave birth to 10 children, 7 boys and 3 girls .There are both ZCC members were people even made joke of how ZCC tea makes impacts in their lives hence they managed to produce 10 kids , am quite shocked for me personally because am also ZCC member and we never experienced this kind of fortunate of seeing someone giving birth 10 kids . Even if we can check the history our grandparents or our grand-grand parents they never had this kind of miracle, cos what stood up for me was how can a women be pregnant for10 children and not knowing about it so suddenly they announced that the lady gave birth 10 kids.Out of curiosity is just understatement to believe in this kind of situation , surprisingly now South Africa they curious they want to see the babies and the father of the child doesn't want to show them since the journalist called all the hospitals to try to find out if the news was legit or not. We're still waiting for media to go though it to check if the babies are alive or not.

But for me I don't believe to this scandal of 10 kids , let's hear from you what are your thoughts about this 10 kids.

Let's wait for scandal for July , and please don't forget to stay safe and keep sanitizing.

Content created and supplied by: Mminakwena (via Opera News )

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