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Without teachers, there would be no economy

As we celebrate the Teachers' Day today, let's remember the critical role this age old profession continues in shaping humanity, changing destinies and improving lives for millions of people around the world through commerce, science and great innovations. As a matter of fact, the greatest revolutionaries used the teaching vocation as a vehicle to transforming ideas that improved communities and changed lives of their people. 

Our founding father Dr Kenneth David Kaunda, himself a teacher, used the unique competence of teaching to mobilise support for the liberation struggle, and after independence used the profession to enhance unity and national development. Admittedly the teaching occupation makes the world go round.

Our New Dawn Government will ensure that our teachers get the necessary support towards achieving their goals in bringing knowledge that will positively impact our people throughout our country ~ Hakainde Hichilema

A Happy Teacher's World Day to all those teachers out there who are doing the most wonderful work, we care and love you. We do know the greatest work that you are doing under the difficult conditions, and yet being paid a pittance. I wish to say thank you to some of my teachers who taught me how to read and write. I remember when I got a hiding in my high school when I corrected my teacher who mispronounced a certain word, without teachers, there would be no economy. I feel so sad for the teachers who wasted their time teaching political goons

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