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All the Best Math Jokes, Puns and Riddles for Parents, Teachers, and Kids


When youngsters need to giggle, they don’t typically flip to their math ee-ebook. But in case you or your youngsters are withinside the center of a math class, a very good giggle is exactly what they need. For loads of humans, math isn’t fun, however, it can be funny. The following listing of math jokes is proof (were given the pun?) that math may be a brilliant supply of humor. Plus, due to the fact the fulfillment of those jokes is predicated for your youngster's information the mathematics idea in the back of the punchlines, those jokes are educational, too.

The listing is split into parts: Beginner and Intermediate. Why no “advanced” math jokes? Honestly, all the complex math jokes went manner over the curator’s head. Either manner, if those calculations are correct, the subsequent listing of math jokes and math puns are the funniest, smartest, and pleasant of enthusiastic about busy mother and father and teachers, smooth to remember.


1. Why changed into the fraction fearful approximately marrying the decimal?

Because he might convert

2. Why do flowers hate math?

It offers them rectangular roots

three. Why did the pupil get disillusioned while his trainer referred to as him average?

It changed into an average component to say!

4. Why changed into the mathematics ee-ebook depressed?

It had loads of problems

5. Why is the Obtuse triangle usually so frustrated?

Because it's far in no way right

6. Why are you able to in no way believe a math trainer retaining graphing paper?

They should be plotting something

7. Why changed into the identical signal so humble?

Because she knew she wasn’t more than or much less than each person else

8. What do you name the quantity 7 and the quantity three once they exit on a date?

The unusual couple (however 7 is in her prime)

9. What do you name a number of that can’t live in a single place?

A Roamin’ numeral

10. Did you listen the only approximately the statistician?


11. What do you name dudes who love math?


12. I’ll do algebra, I’ll do trig. I’ll even do information.

But graphing is wherein I draw the line!

13. Why have you in no way communicate to Pi?

Because she’ll move on and on and on forever.

14. Why are parallel traces so tragic if they have a lot in common?

It’s a disgrace they’ll in no way meet

15. Are monsters top at math?

Not except you Count Dracula.

16. What’s the pleasant manner to flirt with a math trainer?

Use acute angle.

17. Did you listen approximately to the mathematician who's scared of terrible numbers?

They’d prevent at not anything to keep away from them.

18. How do you live heat in any room?

Just huddle withinside the corner, wherein it’s usually ninety degrees.

19. Why is six scared of seven?

Because seven 8 nine!

20. Why DID seven devour nine?

Because you’re imagined to devour three squared food a day!

21. Why does no one communicate to circles?

Because there may be no factor.

22. Dear Algebra, prevent attempting to find your X.

They’re in no way coming lower back—don’t ask Y.

23.Teacher: Why are you doing all of your multiplication on the floor?

Student: You instructed me now no longer to apply tables.

24. After a sheepdog receives all of the sheep withinside the pen, he reviews lower back to the farmer: “All forty accounted for.”

“But I handiest have 36 sheep,” says the farmer.

“I know,” says the sheepdog. “But I rounded them up.”

25. There are 3 styles of humans withinside the world: folks that can rely on and people who can’t.


26. Why have you in no waypoint out the quantity 288?

Because it’s “gross.

27. What do you name a person who spent all summertime season on the beach?

A tangent. (A tangent.)

28. What do toddler parabolas drink?

Quadratic formula.

29. My lady friend is the rectangular root of -100.

She’s an ideal 10, however simply imaginary.

30. What’s the pleasant manner to serve pi?

An l. a. mode. Anything else is mean.

31. Did you listen approximately to the statistician who drowned crossing the river?

It changed into 3 toes deep on average.

32. How do you get from factor A to factor B?

Just take an x-y aircraft or a rhombus.

33. The trouble with math puns is that calculus jokes are all derivative, trigonometry jokes are too graphic, algebra jokes are typically formulaic, and mathematics jokes are quite basic.

But I bet the occasional information comic story is an outlier.

34. Q: Why did the fowl move the Mobius Strip?

A: To get to the identical side.

35. An engineer, a physicist, and a mathematician are staying in a hotel. The engineer wakes up and scents smoke. He is going out into the hallway and sees a hearthplace, so he fills the garbage can from his room with water and douses the hearthplace. He is going lower back to bed.

Later, the physicist wakes up and scents smoke. He opens his door and sees a hearthplace withinside the hallway. He walks down the corridor to a hearthplace hose and after calculating the flame velocity, distance, water pressure, trajectory, etc. extinguishes the hearthplace with the minimal quantity of water and electricity needed.

Later, the mathematician wakes up and scents smoke. He is going to the corridor, sees the hearthplace after which the hearthplace hose. He thinks for a second after which exclaims, “Ah, an answer exists!” after which is going lower back to bed.

36. There are 3 humans making use of for the identical task at a bank: a mathematician, a statistician, and an accountant.

The interviewing committee asks the mathematician one question: What is 500 plus 500? The mathematician answers “1000” without hesitation, and that they ship him along. Next, they name withinside the statistician and ask the identical question. He thinks for a second and answers “1000… I’m 95% confident.” When the accountant comes in, he's requested the identical question: “What is 500 + 500?” He bows and replies, “What might you want it to be?”

They rent the accountant.

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