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The Curse of a Broken Mirror: Why you should immediately move a Broken Mirror away from your House?

From the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Romans, down to the Chinese beliefs and Indian Vastu morals. The belief of the Broken Mirror as the curse endured throughout many ancient cultures up to this very day.

Mirrors were not only viewed as the reflectors of one's physical identity, but also they were viewed as reflecting the souls of those starring at them. Reflecting a beautiful physic also meant a prosperous and a free soul.

As the Mirrors were delicate and were very taken care of, they were the symbol of light and virtue. They were very expensive and very important.

But what happened when the mirror fell to the floor and broke into pieces or was hit by an object and craked?

Many ancient cultures believed that a Broken Mirror, meant a disaster, years of bad luck and misfortune, unstable and a miserable life.

Starring at the broken

It is considered dangerous to stir at the broken mirror. As the belief states that the mirror not only reflects your physical body, it also reflects you soul. Starring at broken mirror hinders your soul and your identity.

It brings bad luck and will lead to miserable life, especially social life and love life. As you keep starring yourself at the broken mirror, people will no longer be fond of you.

You might lose the love of your life, because they will no longer see you as they used to see you. They will notice another image of you, the image created by the broken mirror. You might see yourself as fine and beautiful, but others will see something else.

A broken mirror invites distructing spirit to distruct your progress in life, especially in your social and love life. It is exactly those ugly spirit that the people and whole society will notice when they see you, because they are overshadowing you.

The Ancients believe that, this curse may last for as long as seven years, unless you have acted immediately after the mirror was broken.

What do to if a mirror is broken?

You should immediately throw those mirror shrads at the flowing and moving river.

It is very advisable to throw those pieces of the broken mirror into the moving river immediately after the mirror is broken.

This helps to rid off the bad spirits that will mirror your bad image into the public and distruct your life. Those spirits will flow away with the river and thrown to the see and never come back again.

But in case you're living far from the rivers. Another option is to pick up all the broken pieces, tighten them inside the black cloth. Go to the place far from where you live, and bury those pieces with that black cloth. It is said that you must do it at night, not in daylight.

In that way, you might escape from the curse of the broken mirror, and live an enjoyable life.

If you didn't know the importance of keeping your mirror safe, now you know how important is it.

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