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Skeem Saam| Learners pulls a prank on Principal Thobakgale that she will never forget

What will be her next step?

Principal Thobakgale has been very hard on the learners from Turf High. She tried by all means to discipline them but it looks like they have the upper hand.

Paxton who is Mr Kgomo's son is the master mind behind this prank. They controlled The Drone to chase Principal Thobakgale around the school while making a video of her running away.

Principal Thobakgale ran to her office and hides under her table. Principal Thobakgale thought that learners were already back on track but they were up to no good. I have to say that this might push the Principal to resign from the school. Magongwa knows who is behind all these pranks but he does not say anything.

Principal Thobakgale needs to go back to the drawing board or install cameras to see who exactly is responsible for humiliating her in the school yard.


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Magongwa Paxton Skeem Saam| The Drone Thobakgale


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