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Unisa students will now receive their allowance to their personal bank accounts

They are finally getting an allowance


Unisa students have been waiting for their allowance for the longest time. Even though they are used to it getting their allowance this late, Unisa students are more happier that they will get their money on their personal bank accounts. Nsfas has made the announcement today which made the students very happy. Unisa has been waiting for the funds from Nsfas but now everything is going very well. Getting their allowance on their personal accounts will be great but some of the students are worried about the bank charges.

Unisa students have been complaining about the previous financial institution that Unisa was using. Many students came across with lots of problems when it was time to withdraw on the supermarkets. All that is left now is for Unisa to increase the monthly allowance which is R290. Students do understand that they study from home but R290 it is not enough to get some of the things done. Students need mobile data to finish their assignments when doing research and make print out for other documents too.

Unisa students are not getting enough recognition. What Unisa has done regarding their allowance is great but there are still lot of issues that make Unisa students very unhappy. What students should avoid now is to give Nsfas wrong account numbers because they will not get their allowance. Unisa students are set to see their allowance reflecting on their financial statements from tomorrow the 08 April 2022. Students are patiently waiting.

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