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Schools in Zimbabwe versus schools in SouthAfrica

Zimbabwean elites have NO right to talk about their good education when they come from a country with schools like this!

Individual success is useless when it has NO impact on how society evolves.

The Zimbabwean post-colonial project is a dismal FAILURE. This Good education myth made us a laughing stock.. we thought we are the best in Africa second to non,but these looters were busy looting, plundering resources and yet we continued we educated.

.Considering all schools in zimbabwe were built in the colonial era , nothing at all has been done by zanu pf gvt and people still support this looting gvt people need to wake up from their day dreaming 41years and we still hv schools like that yet the country is rich of mineral resources., thus unacceptable.

To my surprise some people who are close to the government they claim Zimbabweans are enjoying independence with these kind of schools its a shame.

We reclaimed the land yet we can’t even use it properly, looking at that school makes me wonder where it all went wrong, there is enough land there to build a decent if not state of the art school, what’s more painful is that people will be expected to pay school fees, I mean what for?

Embrace that sad reality!!

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