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A horrific picture left people fearing for the lives of students

A horrific picture left people fearing for the lives of students. The late first president of South Africa, Baba Nelson Mandela, one said "Education is a powerful weapon that can be used to change the country", and it is no secret that education indeed play an intrinsic part is shaping the country.

The picture of a Risk manager left people fearing for the lives of all students who do course that put their lives in danger. In this picture, this risk manager can see putting his head between crocodile's mouth, seemingly trying to take a picture of something that is within the mounh of this crocodile, he is probably trying to take pictures of a certain teeth of this crocodile. Some courses have assignments that properll students to put their lives in danger "When you are a Risk Management graduate" said an influencer who kinda found this picture horrific in a funny way. More Twitter users hopped into the comment section to share their thought on this. Those who are familiar with such jobs revealed that they pay well "The higher the risk the higher the return" said a Twitter user. "I'm assuming that's at crocodile farm in Vic falls" said a Twitter user who is familiar with this farm. "first day of graduate Trainership" said a Twitter user.

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