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This is the kind of matric results under covid19

The class of 2020 received their matric results early in this week after va veey long wait for their results.

This comes after a very hectic academic year due to the impact that the corona virus had on the school calendar. On numerous account tbe 2020 academic calendar had to be chaged to accommodate the lockdown regulations that we had in the country and at some point the matriculants were not even sure that they will be able to write their exams.

However they did write and the results came back and this is what this has achieved and are trying to find a university to further their studies. Even with so many hardships that the matriculants were faced with, this matriculant manage to get 7 straight As. At some point they were faced with a scandal of cheating for maths and science but still they prevailed.This is really a sign of great excellence.

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