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What to do when your child is being bullied

We have seen a lot of bullying this year, more especially amongst school children. The bullying is not limited to cyber bullying or threatening of violence. We have seen videos circulating on social media where school children are busy beating up their peers while no one is mediating but cheering on for the fight.

We see teachers being blamed everyday for not reprimanding these cases whereas people or I should say students who are watching sit and do nothing about these violent assaults but are busy ridiculing the victim.

These school children only show remorse after one has lost their life due to this bullying, you will find many coming out to narrate the story and even crying whereas they were doing nothing during the time of the victim being assaulted.

This year we have seen a teenage girl from Venda committing suicide after she was beaten up by a fellow student, in the video the victim is busy begging the peer to forgive her and is not fighting Bach but that did not stop her from being humiliated infront of other peers.

Today we wokeup with another video of school children doing the same thing that was done to the girl. A boy is busy being assaulted while he sits and covers his head while getting beaten.

This has becoming a trend in South African government schools and department of education with South African police services need to go back to making regular visits and address such issues to students so they know that they will face consequences of their actions.

If your child is being bullied, please give them emotional support more than anything, affirm them that they are not the problem and also try to involve the school, if you feel like nothing is being done about your case please take your child to the nearest police station and open a case. Say no to bullying! Stop bullying!

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