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Racist White SA Student Who Peed On Black Kids Desk and Laptop Suspended By University Authority

Racist White SA Student Who Peed On Black Kids Desk and Laptop Suspended By University Authority.

South Africans and people around the world are praising the decision made by a university's authorities to suspend indefinitely a white student who displayed very rude and racist attitude during the weekend. With him telling the victim, a black student that it was the way blacks are treated there.

Reports especially pictures and videos which has gone viral on twitter has the moment a white student of the Stellenbosch University. Had it that an unnamed white student forced himself into the room of a black kid, he went on to pee on the white kid's desk, laptop and bag.

Further details revealed that the black kid narrated that it was 4am on Sunday morning when he heard a noise at the entrance of his room. Which he thought was his roommate coming back from a weekend leave for home, but on opening the door he saw the white guy.

The white kid obviously looking high pushed his way into the room and said he was going to wait for someone here. The black kid said even if he was to stay there, hell record his because this isn't the white kid's room.

Probably agitated or being a bully, the white kid stood up and began peeing on the black kid's desk, laptop and bags. And his response to the black kid asking him what he was doing, was that it's how black boys are treated in this school.

This obviously caused an outrage with many saying the school know racist things like these are happening there yet they don't do anything to stop it. And this has obviously prompted the school to look into this as they have suspended the culprit indefinitely.

Thankfully this will have others be it black or white thinking to try this nonsense to think twice what the consequences will be.

Source: BBC Facebook

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