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SAPS Officer In Hot Water After Manhandling A Student, Security Pointing Guns At Learners

Lessons at Effingham Secondary have been suspended until Monday, this is after a violent protest erupted earlier at the school in north of Durban. The students are basically fed up with the way that the police have shown violence towards one of their colleagues, and they want justice for the actions that were taken they even recorded a video and were able to post it on social media in order to bring about awareness.

A learner revealed that disruptions began after one of his peers was manhandled by a police officer who was searching him for illegal substances, this is basically some kind of a protocol that is being observed by the police and the school because they want to do away with the criminal activities that are happening inside the school.

The learner resisted going with a police officer to the school’s office, we don't know what they were thinking initially but of course police officers do not tolerate such activities and they wouldn't want to be found weak.

On the other hand the learners don't want to do things that they don't want to do and we have seen many times over that police officers are not trained enough to deal with anybody, the only thing that they know how to do is get violent even when it is not necessary.

This lead to his friends getting violent, that's how it all erupted, thee situation turned volatile with learners clashing with law enforcement, leading to the school management releasing the learners early and closing their gates.

An urgent parents meeting will be held at the school on Saturday, 21 May, they'll be extensive discussions about what and how to handle such matters because it is clear that whatever they were doing did not work and it is not going to work.

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