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14 year old learner was reportedly left permanently disabled after being forced to do this

A devastating report has been shared by Mirror news of a 14-year-old learner who was left permanently disabled after being forced to do 150 squats . This was alleged to be punishment for the act of sneaking some snacks into her dormitory .

The act is reported to have taken place in Sichuan Province, which is in China . The learner was caught by a teacher on her way to her dormitory . Even though it was alleged by the learner that the snacks were not hers, the teacher forced her to do the squats despite her having a foot injury .

The learner was reportedly left in need of surgery for her leg and foot which had been worsened by the squats. The bad news was delivered by the doctors who informed them that she would not be able to walk again on her own as the damage was so severe and permanent .

The learner has since been reportedly diagnosed with depression because of what she went through . She will spend the rest of her life unable to walk because of the teachers who chose not to believe her story .


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China Mirror Sichuan Province


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