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Mzansi:Here Are Inmate Best performing learners with six subject distinctions each See Here

Best performing learners with six subject distinctions each.

education is very important despite your condition in society this is because it is through education that we can able to change societal thinking and also to change the poverty that we have in our society.

The inmate who wrote matric and perform very well surprisedmany people in South Africa and also gave them hope that we can still change the perspective of the inmate in South Africa.

Below are comment made by people.

Just shows you. All you need is electricity, good meals, early sleep and someone to watch over you.

No chores, no travel expenses or walking long distances. They have the best setup to make it.

It shows you that people inside have better living conditions than those outside. Look how these students' skin is glowing.

Education Outcomes reflects the society around the school. Fix the neighbors around the school and the teachers have a breeze.

In a pit full of snakes, most snakes will bite each others' tail, and some snake will eventually bite its own tail.

All societal outcomes reflect the functioning of the whole society. Social welfare, crime & safety, education, benefit each other if all are worked on.


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