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Life without matric or grade 12 this days

As we all that how important and relevant to get your matric or finish your grade 12. Our brothers and sisters some ignores that part most because they have a solid reason to make an exception. Practically we even know that in some countries its free to learn and be successful. Some schools does cost to fulfill your dream, but still there are tons of ways to become someone or something. If you can stop and listen and even go back in the past, our cultural grandparents didn't take school seriously because they had an alternative to survive.

So it comes to our future generations, people with rightful say to stop at nothing. We do as we please and in the end say that things are tough. Education is the key to success and if it favors you, life becomes something else to live for. Our matric really is the first stop to start a new life aheads of us. Families surved others who succeeded in order to make theirs live as well. Now we can even call then tycons or that rich family. And hopefully we know where such life grew.

From college to Universities it's where we finalize our work well done with degrees, honors and even Masters. Piece jobs will never build you a bright future or a healthy relationship, family and even enjoy good life. So be eagerly warned that school is very legible and it has doors that becomes easy to unlock. Then you won't beg to eat or even sleep. Time will always favors you, be proud that your a fighter with or without motivation or push.

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