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Who Gets To Dictate?

Who gets to dictate or decide what or how teachers nowadays should wear?

In South African schools we have seen lots of female teachers who are young and beautiful teaching in most schools with hot outfit. Here is what wad spotted recently in schools.

It has been reported that this has had a big mental block to students as it has shifted their focus and disturbs the main aims of the day. Learners have too said that they do not pay full attention to the content of the day, that their focus is mainly subjected to what they see of which is a good body display of a female teacher. Remember if we want better leaders we must start at junior level and have a say in what is done at schools and how teachers behave. Parents as well as some senior teachers have argued that some dresses and trousers must not be allowed in schools for proper education and for better results of our students. However, who gets to decide who wears what? Who gets to make the call that what you currently wearing is not worth you entering a class to share knowledge and equip learners to be the best version of themselves?

Before we start showing you what you must see. Do you think it appropriate for teachers to wear like they are wearing now?.The most important is the generation of students that we are raising now as they are fast thinkers,and their bodies have fast reaction also. Or can we shift our the argument from what they wearing to how we groom our young ones to respect the body of a woman because at the end of the day their success does not lie on the body but on the information that is being shared. Could we teach our learners; children that the classroom is not a place to be checking out people's body, we have strip clubs for that? Or is it too late? Will we let the argument "its nature" win this war?

What is your take on the argument? Should the Department of Education get involved? Should parents be the ones with the burden to ensure that their children go to school to do nothing less but learn? And as said above "What should they do, leave their bodies behind at home?". Or can we just embrace these beauties who not only have the "booty" but the brains to back it up?

Content created and supplied by: Amanda Majwede (via Opera News )

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