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Do You Wish To Study Further But Have Low Matric Results? Here's How To Apply For A Degree

Education is one of the most important fundamentals and learning curves in life. Education can be acquired in many different ways; it doesn't necessarily mean that one needs to go to school in order to receive education. Education is received in the daily things that people do in life, the people that they talk to and meet in life, and also the different experiences that they go through in life, but then another form of education is going to school to study so that an individual can be able to know how the world works and also acquire certain knowledge that they won't get from their daily experiences in life.

Education broadens one's mindset and it will help them achieve things like studying further towards a degree that will lead them to a career of their dreams and will eventually lead to them living the life and receiving the opportunities that they have always wanted. Education is also responsible for the literacy of a country. The more literate people are in a country, the better a country's development and becomes because people are able to think for themselves independently on how they can play a role in making the economy of a country better.

Every young child dreams of studying further and becoming a certain professional. This can only be a reality when they go on further studies at a university of their choice and graduate with a degree. This qualification they get from the university plays a role in entering them into the career that they want. But unfortunately, because of circumstances and backgrounds, some people after matric are unable to study further. This could be due to fiances, mental health issues, or anything that sets them back from achieving the marks that they want.

But passing matric with low marks does not necessarily mean the end of someone's life. The Department of Education always finds ways in which it can help people further their studies. An important post was shared on social media about how people who are 23 and above can apply with their matric results to the matriculation board for their results to be converted to an exemption, which will allow them to study at any university of their choice.

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