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Sad: See how an LLB graduate ended up being a Nyaope because of unemployment, See pics


Unemployment hits hard after graduation ask me i will tell you, i just wish i can drink everyday and forget about my unemployment problems. Do you know the feeling of holding a degree or honours just to stay at home looking at your granny sometimes you wake-up with no bread or anything to eat, you end up thinking this is the end. There is nothing more painful than going to school just to stay at home after graduating, i realy feel for the guy. Talking from experience i just told myself that i should just stay at home and indoors, not to see anything outside its hard after graduation without connection and unemployment.

Unemployment hits hard especially when you've acquired further knowledge with hope to be easily employed. You have matric, a vacancy need at least dimploma/degree. You study for a degree, you need to have your own vehicle with +5 years experience. Not everyone is business minded. But we continue to apply with hope to get something in the end. However it seems that sine of us are strong enough to bare the pain of being unemployed and keep on hoping to find a job one day.

It seems for this man based in Limpopo being a graduate and unemployed was too much for him and he ended turning to drugs so he could forget about his unemployment issues. This man is an LLB graduate and he is now lingering and begging in for money and food in Limpopo, Thohoyandou. He currently needs rehab and employment and people are hoping thatnge finds the help he need to get his life back. It's not easy stay at home with qualifications that you worked so hard to obtain, i know a lot of people going through that and some families make it more difficult by being judgemental towards them.

I so wish he gets the necessary help he deserves however, you take drugs they mess you up, you drive recklessly you crash!

You drink alcohol regularly you become an addict. Yes depression, stress and temporary mental instability resulting from porvety, relationship and family issues can lead one to resort to intoxication in context of easing the mind. We really need to stop being superstitious, witchcraft may exist but at the end of the day if

You don't work hard you fail. Black people really like blaming others for their mistakes, problems and failures.

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