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Twitter challenge that confused most people: Which one do you think is correct, Casio or Phone?

There is a Twitter challenge that made people to question our ability to understands simple basic rules of mathematics. For the longest time, maths has been a problem for African child and it still is even today. It is said that the only way for one to understand maths is to grasp the basics. Well this is common for most things, however it seems not to work when it comes to maths. 

We are really not doing good hence most learners would not even want to entertain choosing maths no matter how much we are told how important it is, as a subject in school. 

There is one basics of maths which is BODMAS and from what Twitter has show us, it is a clear indication that this basic was never understood to begin with. It could be that this matter is being overexagerated and maths is not that bad after all. 

There has been a debate about a Casio calculator and a phone calculator. The two does not give the same answer when calculating according to BODMAS. It seems like maths teachers still have a long way to go ensuring that BODMAS is understood for what it is. One should be able to make this kind of calculation without any calculator or anything of that kind. People have been going at each other about what is the correct answer. 

Here is the calculation that got people talking:


When calculate using a Casio Calculator, the answer is 1 and when you calculate using a phone calculator, the answer is 9. One of the two gargets is wrong when applying BODMAS. So which one do you trust, Casio or phone? Please make your own calculation and share your answer. We can all learn from each other. Remember BODMSA stands for:







Here are some of the calculations.

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African BODMAS Casio


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