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The Reason the White Student Urinated On The Books Of An African

The Reason the White Student Urinated On The Books Of An African

Date: 2022/05/16

The reason the Stellenbosch white student, it happened at Huis Marais student resident inside the campus, people were shocked at that kind of behaviour, they could nor understand the kind of racism that is being portrayed in that article, they understand that the people are not happy about this incident, this student is trending for the wrong reasons.

It was pure disrespect from the white student to just b thrown out of place and broken down to be humiliated like that, the game was open they trusted themselves to become what they thought they could never become.

It was pure disrespect from the young student whose identity has been kept a secret for the fact that he is insane, should be sent to a mental institution right away so he could deal with his problem in the right fashion rather than just being a slave to his mind, that he feels he has to act on all of its commands.

This is not a race issue like Times Live is making it become, is a situation between a young man who might have gotten drunk out of his mind and peed on a man's textbooks and received a suspension for his punishment.

The Deans' office feels that this is not acceptable a lot more needs to happen to make sure that this never happens again.

The books have to be replaced and the boy will have to be punished for doing the most stupid thing on campus ever, he will go down as a legend in the walls of alcoholic Ness, he will wish that he would have just kept it nice quiet and clean in his room playing video games that go to the party now everyone knows.


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