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Here is what Can happen to Teachers who refuse with learners report. Read more

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It’s that time of the year in South African public Schools. Parents are heading to different Schools with the intention of getting results of their leaners of the year end . Those who progress goes to the next level ans those that fails , will have to wait on that level and wait for the following year to improve .

However this is bringing in table many fights between the Teachers , Schools and the Governing bodies . This is also caused by the fact that Teachers and leaners agreen on Several things of which at some points Leaners fail to comply with Such things during the course of the year .

Such disagreements within Schools is also caused by the fact that , it is few of the parents who attend the meetings of the parents in Schools . There is another group which doesn’t care at all of the rules and discussions which are ongoing in the Schools of which their children attend on a daily basis . They just wait and oppose whenever there are serious things of which were passed nor discussed on the process .

I think the Schools are not playing their part in ensuring the high participation of the parents when it comes to issues which concerns their children on a daily basis . The schools should every time ensure a high participation of the parents when it comes to the issues of the meetings pertaining their children all the time . Such things should forever and always be discouraged by all means necessary .

One of the Structures within the African National Congress , the Cosas coming from the African National Congress , representing different leaners within the Structures of the African National Congress has came publicly to well outline the issue.

Their stance was straightforward as they went publicly to indicate that whoever is being denied reports by their teachers should come publicly and report such issues to Cosas all the times and they will address them without hezitation .

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