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Mother try to pay off her son school fees with a Rooster, but this happened after.

Some parents are willing to sacrifice everything in order to provide for their children so that they can achieve success in life. A worried mother raced to her child's high school in the hopes that the administration will heed her appeals for assistance.

She approached the school while holding a rooster in the hopes that the principal would allow her to use the chicken to pay off her son's school fee. "My husband abandoned me a long time ago," she stated to a source at the entrance gate. I am a single parent. My son is so devoted to his education and maintaining family harmony that we go days without a full supper. This chicken is all we have at the moment. Even though it was a perfectly respectful request, the school principal denied her modest plea, leaving the students in tears.

No matter how challenging life may seem at the moment, giving up should never be an option. Those in a position to do so should recognize the importance of extending a helping hand to the less fortunate. It is distressing to see those with higher possibilities turn their backs on others without understanding what those individuals are experiencing. Do not underestimate the significance of sharing this.


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