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Opinion - This is the information that was long hidden for Black People

school and study, rather we need to create a school to study because 90% of what we have been taught at school is a lie.

The map is upside down...yes the map of the world is upside down, it's not what they say it is. So that means South Africa is not where it is and Europe is not where it is, Europe is at the bottom. Ancient maps shows this, go look at them. It's a psychological thing to put Europe on top of the world.

When they navigated to the South, they say they followed the North star...but how do they follow the north star whilst navigating to the South?

In this interview below, William Tompkins says; "Every PhD, every book in every university on this planet whether they are for science or medicine have been given incorrect information for many years about the history of this world, they have been given controlled information not to know what is really happening"

Thank you Yenza Mila for raising this controversial subject...but people must know the truth.


This is why Cape Town is called Mother City and Africa is Mother Land it is where the sun sets and the end of the world, once we let that sink in we will see through their lies.

I agree at some point like the mapping of the world it is was not hidden though because it is written that Ghana is on the centre of the world and Ghana is in Africa secondly equator runs in the middle of Africa meaning here is where we get sunlight fully than area In the world.

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