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See what a teacher used to beat a 7 year old, that broke his arm. A parent cries out.

The feuds between the teachers and children are getting out of hand. Learners are attacking each other and teachers included. The department of Education in South Africa is under immense pressure to formulate ways to mitigate the dismantled structure of the education system. There is no disciple, teachers are not taught well enough on how to handle learners, without infringing their right to education. A horrific incident took place, as a teacher unaware injured a 7 years old learner, who had to go for X-ray to detect the severity of the damage to the skeletal system of this learner. A fuming parents shared the bad experience with South Africans on social media.See the source imageSee the source imageKey moment for South Africans as they realise that some of the learners who were sent to school to learn are being brutally abused by their own teachers. A sensitive incident that happened between a teacher and a learner has made South Africans stand up on their feet and fight for the rights of learners. This is traumatizing, because parents trust teachers with their offspring, and hoping that they will return home educated. There is no problem with disciplining learners. However, it is what is used to discipline them or how the discipline is conducted that shows the infringement and violation of their human rights.

A parent has attacked the education system of South Africa and thrown in a lot of questions. He does not understand why a teacher can use a belt to discipline a 7 years old. It has been alleged that this learner was heavily beaten with a belt, and came back home injured severely. The parent did not hesitate to take her to the hospital to see a doctor for a medical checkup. Due to the severity of the injury the doctors or a necessity to perform an X-ray and visualize the internal part of the skeletal system. The learner had fractured bones, and this is what deeply hurt the parent.

Legal action and a disciplinary committee are needed urgently. 


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