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"We are writing exams on balconies during load shedding." A girl cries out as blackouts intensify.

Three days ago we observed that Eskom officials on Tuesday held a briefing on the state of the system. Stating that more units were expected to return to service this week, Eskom downgraded load shedding to stage 3 on Wednesday and is expected to move to stage 2 by Friday before ultimately lifting it on Saturday.

I must say these load sheddings have been a huge inconvenience disrupting people's lives in many different ways.

One young student lady who feels the same way l do, shared her sentiments on social media after she posted this.👇🏾

Money is one vital need a student needs to go through college

The lack of it can be a pain in the neck and this is one struggle we often go through.

You will need money to buy course work materials and all other of its stuffs. You don't expect me as a student without money to concentrate with trading when I don't even a cent to buy an evening meal. Money is very essential and important so to say.

Or why did we go to school in the first place? To gain knowledge, to get exposed to world beyond our nose, to learn and of course be able to be productive.

Put the stress of eskom ontop of your other struggles as a student, life can be very difficult.

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