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College Education


Education redirection

05 October 2021


Needs change

1.  Change is inevitable

Delaying change is the same as denying it Which is impossible

·We are an advanced generation yet taught to be elementary. Most of what we learn in primary and secondary levels limits us from unleashing our true potential thus there is high rate of failure In those levels.

What makes education received elementary

·Products which are well recognized come with instructions for you to get the best out of every moment. Without instructions one can have all material but fail to operate or produce out of that given material hence hiring requires experience

·Our system is designed to insert necessary data in our minds for us to process in future which is also contributing to our failure

·Our minds can be defined or rather seen as an abbreviation (Most Important Natural Driver) for it is the only thing that is responsible for all reactions of the body. Our minds can also be compared to a processor our bodies being the system that input and output data.

2.  So how then can we correct or change such

By first making sure people understand what they consist of and what they can be capable of once they know how to operate themselves first.

Simply to be the best in using certain material one needs to know instructions of operation. A computer filled up with too many applications doesn’t make it easy to use but by understanding how the operating system works one has more advantage to explore the unknown even further without guidance.


This is what most missed in their years of studying instructions on how to process and regulate data received by the mind for not all is good for storage.

Storing harmful data can destroy the whole system like a malicious software. Same applies what we choose to expose to the mind is stored resulting in harmful habits .

But with instructions one can be able to practice focus and allowing more space for relevant data to be stored 

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